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Work is Magic...

Magic is work...

Walk your walk...

Work your magic...


encourages women
to leave their
kill their children
practice witchcraft
destroy capitalism
and become

~ Pat Robertson
US Politician 1992


Goddess Spirituality Symbol

Goddess Spirituality - Hecate

Goddess Spirituality is Alive!


Goddess spirituality is alive & thriving in the twenty-first century; women are still practising the oldest profession - priestessing.

I am an eco-feminist Witch & a writer. My practice is relatively simple; I have been following the path of Goddess spirituality for over forty years.

Throughout my life as a priestess I have been fortunate to know & work with many splendid women: priestesses, Witch women & wise women of every shade. This is a space dedicated to Goddess spirituality created for the purpose of sharing.

Everything written within these pages is my personal view & nothing more. 

The door is open & you are welcome to come in & take a look...


Blessed be...



This website would not have been possible without
the encouragement & invaluable guidance of Suzanne Harris

I am indebted to her ~ Web Mistress extraordinaire

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The Gift of Weaving

 The Gift of Weaving

"Beautiful, wonderful, full of magic and life, scary, funny and truthful. 
I have just read The Gift of Weaving for the third time.  It does not pall."

~ Tina Yule


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